I think you should make art. I think you should keep truth alive.

Art defines our humanity. It is the synthesis of one’s knowledge, skill, emotion, and expression into dialog. As dialog, art is public. Being public, art is political. Being political, art engages with, critiques, and checks power. Being a check on power, art empowers the artist. Being critical, art helps power to become ethical. Being ethical, the person moved by art becomes more human.

The possibility of being human is precisely what this age of prevarication, gangsterism, kitsch, cynicism, corporatism, and fascism is engineered to eliminate. Human beings are individual. Being individual, human beings have rights founded in the pursuit and expression of their desires. Possessing rights, irreplaceable individuals are bound by ethics to acknowledge and reduce the suffering of other likewise irreplaceable beings striving for fulfillment. In exercising their will to work to ease the suffering of others, rather than for the maximization of their own interests, human beings are able to become free.

We need art now. Music is art. Here are three free tools with which to make it.

You don’t need very many good tools to make good art. Although these instruments I feature are free, I encourage you to peruse the developers’ paid options or consider a donation if they change your life and you can spare it.

The u-he Tyrell N6

The u-he Triple Cheese

Full Bucket Music’s Mono/Fury